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Rose Wood At Home

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I never thought I'd write erotic fiction again. Not to sound melodramatic, but, really, after "Rose Garden, My Life with HSDS," what was the point?
Of course, I never truly grasped what it would be like to wallow in that much estrogen ever again, either, on that fateful trip back to the town I grew up in, to be back under my parent's roof.
And especially not to be faced with old memories flooding through me, catching new currents and eddies, with the influx of everything-is-new-again through the fresh eyes of newly minted womanhood that was my pack of nieces, also visiting during that same time.
Included in Rose Wood At Home:
Welcome Home
-Fiction & Fantasy-
RA Rose
Inhibition Therapy
Garage Test
Measuring Stick
Trust and a Half
Make a Wish
Inappropriate Kin
-More Truth Than Fiction-
Not the Hamster Dance
Duh Taste
Women are Liars
Question & Answers with Rose, Session 3
Home in a Small Town
-Dedication Fiction-
Birds and Bees
Truth and Consequences to all the above stories
Oh, and before I get a slap from a fellow-female, I want to point out: when I feel threatened, I assess the threat and determine the most effective counter measures. Even if it means I may be forced to "think" like the opposite sex - because I hate to lose. So I'm not above looking at things from someone else's point of view and determining the most potent method to achieve my goals. He's a male, and to man-brain, the quickest path to victory happened to be actively, sweatily, breathlessly, nakedly re-staking my claim - repeatedly - throughout our visit.
Quite literally, "Rose Would (and Did) At Home."

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