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Defending Yourself from Hackers and Spammers

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Hack a Spammer - Most of us have thought about it but never could be bothered to actually teach these misfits a lesson. “Hack-backs” as the computer community names it, is a tempting response to a frustrating situation. The only issue is when you hack back your more than likely breaking the law and becoming a Hacker yourself, albeit probably indirectly as you will learn throughout this book. When cyber attacks occur - and they will—there’s little you can do except control the damage.

Not a day goes by that we don't receive 4 or more email viruses, 10-20 email spams (most of which are phishing scams), and hacker attacks on our PC's firewall. What going on???

If your semi computer literate, i.e. can turn a computer on, surf the net, check your emails and change your computer settings etc. you will be able to turn the tables on a cyber hacking thief’s by defending your computer, making them wish they never picked on us. This book was developed to help you stop the crime in the first place, protect your valuable information and ensure you will greatly reduce a hacker infiltrating your computer in the future.

Let’s be frank “Revenge is Sweet”, but illegal and time consuming. Hopefully, if we all do a little something to deter these misfits it may in the end, make them think twice about spamming us, or at least give them a migraine. If not, it will teach you to become more secure and give you some peace of mind.

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