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As the temperatures start to rise, so does the body count…..

As far as DI Marcus Travis is concerned, the whole world has gone mad. Yes, he understands that cutbacks mean you step up and take one for the team, but teaching Criminal Justice Studies at the local college? They can't be serious? Add to that his newly acquired duties as Area Coroner? Fine, it’s okay, he wasn’t planning to sleep any time soon, anyway. 

Rising reluctantly to the challenge, he had asked himself ‘how hard can it possibly be?’ But he hadn’t taken into consideration the amount of disruption a certain pupil is able to bring to both his work and home life. From the moment she catches his eye in class his troubles start and as the temperature starts to rise, so does the body count. Somehow, this alluring girl is linked to it all! 

Sexy, serious and at times, laugh-out-loud funny, Frisk is like nothing else you will read this year!

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