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Chaos Conquers All: Book 3 of Soldiers of Chaos MC Series

212 pages3 hours


Cole is Bridges. Cole is Bridges. Cole is Bridges.

Nikki is left reeling after she discovers that the man with whom she shared the deepest darkest part of herself is the same man who has been trying to destroy her family. Her twisted world becomes a dark storm as her need for revenge flourishes. Will this revelation cement her choice to give up her dark need for Cole’s punishment and return to the men she loves? Or is this secret going to be the one that topples the wall of deception she has built around herself?

The club is hot on the trail of Bridges and Tex and Trace will stop at nothing to get their hands on the man who is trying to annihilate their club. Finding out who this man is and killing him is the only way to end this turf war and to try and claim back what remains of their connection with Nikki. The answer to that question threatens to destroy the one person they love most in this world. It won’t be an easy road out of this storm but they will do anything for their club and their woman.

Will they over come the Chaos or will it conquer them?

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