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Murder at Tulip House

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...It was so easy...Maybe a little too easy...A few granules in the old man’s food and voilà, the old bastard was dead...So very, very dead...

England 1932
In this absorbing tail of jealousy, revenge and murder, Drucilla (Cilly) Carlisle, having recently returned to London due to the untimely death of her employer; the celebrated author, woman’s activist and world traveler, Lady Beatrice Themes-Salbury, discovers that she has a long way to go before the fragments of her world are finally set to rights. Within the span of a few months, having spent the last eighteen years as Lady Beatrice’s personal secretary, Cilly not only has to come to grips with the death of her friend and mentor, but the unexpected death of her much beloved great-uncle, Sir Henry Wetherill-Smythe.
At what should have been a straight forward reading of Sir Henry’s Last Will and Testament, Cilly discovers that her uncle not only died under suspicious circumstances, and his business defrauded of hundreds of thousands of pounds sterling, but a determined assassin is waiting, hidden in the dark ready to kill again. Before the members of Tulip House can become accustomed to their new circumstances, the killer strikes again, leaving one member of the staff lying unconscious in a hospital bed, and another dead on the kitchen floor. Who will be next and why?
With the dogged determination of Detective Inspector Robert Agart, of Scotland Yard, and her great-uncle Henry’s trusted solicitor, Michael Broadmore, a man whose stoic personality belies unexpected feelings for Sir Henry’s lovely niece, an investigation begins. It is an investigation that ultimately reveals the shocking secrets behind a killer’s maniacal need for revenge and retribution.

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