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Gone Missing, (Dead Dreams, Book 2) A Young Adult Psychological Thriller Mystery

253 pages6 hours


Deception. Murder. Justice.

Now that Brie O’Mara suspects that her roommate, Sarah, is dead who can she turn to? All evidence points to Brie as the main suspect. If she can’t clear her name of the murder of her best friend she will face the electric chair. Worse, she will hurt her own family, when the truth surfaces that she and Sarah have played a dangerous game. Only one person can help her—that PI who now has disappeared on her. Is he still alive? Brie must dig to the bottom and unwind the lies she has built when she fell for Sarah’s scheme. She must forget her dreams, her hopes, and her future if she wants to unravel the web of deceit that may just cost her freedom. But just because she lied surely she will not pay for this with life imprisonment or her own death?

If you like suspense and mystery, and thrillers like Shutter Island and Gone Girl, you will love this concluding episode to the controversial psychological suspense, Dead Dreams.

Get Gone Missing, Dead Dreams Book 2, and enter the mind of a woman desperate to prove her innocence.

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