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Wolves in the Shadows

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Book 2 in the Conchos and Lace series: In the dusty, dangerous pueblo of Los Angeles in 1878, what should have been a simple trip to pick up building supplies turns into a nightmare for Lucinda and Charlie. On their way through a bad section of town, they discover a naked, sunburned baby girl wandering unsupervised in the street. Lucinda rescues the little girl and refuses to return her to her negligent prostitute mother, despite Charlie's objections. Sterling Hughes, a Los Angeles Police Captain with ambitions to become sheriff, tracks Charlie and Lucinda to their hotel room and warns them they must return the child. When Lucinda refuses, his threats turn to brutality, but this only strengthens her resolve. Now Lucinda and Charlie must use all their resources to keep the baby and the rest of their family safe. Wolves in the Shadows is the story of a couple's struggle to do the right thing for a little girl, even if it means going up against a corrupt police captain who will do anything—even incarcerating an innocent man in the Los Angeles Asylum for the Insane—to get his way.

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