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Dave didn't know what to do, not when it came to women. Sure he was tall, athletic, handsome, and reasonably successful for a man not yet 30. But that didn't mean he had much luck with the ladies. That is until one day when not one, but two women fell right into his lap, two very different women.

Becky was the smoking hot redhead from his gym. Her body fulfilled his every desire, tall, tan, and stacked, she was a dream come true. She wanted him for his body, as a plaything. She made it very clear that he would be little more than a toy for her amusement, and amuse her he'd better!

Sophia was the cute little blonde he ran into at his favorite bookstore. Adorable and witty, she seemed just as interested in his mind as his body. Physically she she wasn't exactly his type, not with her slim hips and almost nonexistent bust, but she made him laugh.

One woman harbored a big secret, however, one that would tip the scales and help Dave decide just what he wanted and needed to be happy!

A sexy little romance between a handsome man and a very well-endowed shemale sure to please anyone who loves girls topping boys!

Author's Note: All characters depicted are fictional and over age 18.

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