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Your Hidden Treasure

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And God "said"... And it was so; And God "said" and it was so... And then God "said" let us make man in our image and in our likeness, (Excerpt Genesis 1). That means we operate just as He does! By our WORDS!

This book gives the reader a clear opportunity to grasp understanding of the ‘word of faith’ with such great simplicity that belief is inevitable. Irma has taken what she has learned practically with undeniable evidence and translated it into clear instruction that anyone can achieve. The Word of God becomes alive, for today. I am so excited about the opportunity that lies ahead for anyone who dares to embrace each page. Healing is just that close! Peace is just that close! I'm telling you, intentionally, you can direct your world with words as you follow the simple instructions that Irma unfolds in her dynamic teaching on the pages that follow. It's a must share with your family and friends for a long and satisfied life!

Dr. Carol G. Rowe
Upperrrom Bible Church
New Orleans, Louisiana

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