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Confronting Mental Health Evidence: A Practical PLAN to Examine Reliability and Experts in Family Law

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Confronting Mental Health Evidence—Second Edition describes and applies the four-step PLANModel to help lawyers organize, critique, and use psychological materials and testimony when examining experts and framing legal arguments.
This Second Edition refreshes previous topics, including understanding testing and managing allegations of domestic violence and abuse, and adds three substantive new chapters:
• How to identify and challenge judgment biases that underlie expert opinions • How to adopt a lawyer’s approach to DSM-5 based testimony • How to navigate confidentiality, HIPAA demands, and privilege when obtaining and using mental health records.
This Second Edition also serves as the ideal companion for How to Examine Mental Health Experts: A Family Lawyer’s Handbook of Issues and Strategies. The latter book, organized by 28 short issue-based chapters, uses the PLANModel to help lawyers spot and analyze mental health and evaluation-related issues likely to arise in cases, and offers questions to exam

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