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The Sheikh's Pregnant Prisoner 3

40 pages40 minutes


Sequel to The Sheikh's American Mistress...

Mistress wanted...urgently!

Sheikh Zaid, half brother to Sheikh Fahid, is in need of a mistress and Amber, an orphan roaming in Malkiyat, for a job, has arrived at his crucial moment. Coming month he needs to attend his half brother child's naming ceremony, and a mistress, or most commonly, a new face for his stale sex life is dearly needed by him to refresh things up, before he faces his brother after a long interval of ten months...

She is curvaceous, plump and right at all the angles, where a man wants her to be, which makes Amber the most needed candidate by the desperate sheikh for the position.
But, his condition is, even if she gets pregnant, unfortunately which she does, he will not give the child his name or title!
Will she be able to change his mind?

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