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Come and Hunt a Rich Man

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The world has changed. The rich have been dispossessed of their income and thrown into prison camps. They have been in those camps for 17 years. Under the new rules a man may be a millionaire but he cannot have two million. Everyone has money and the people are happy again. Once a year the annual games take place in Dallas which is where the revolution began. Anyone may apply to be in the Games and if their idea is good enough then they get to participate and they get to make a kill. The Games are watched by two billion people around the world. More than one thousand of the former rich have been released from prison for they get to take part in the Games too but this time they will be the victims. The Games start tomorrow in Dallas and banners for the Games are everywhere. The place to be is Dallas and Steve Hewson, the man who kick started the revolution will be there. As long as Steve is able then he will make the first kill.

We watch and the loudspeakers echo across the arena setting up the scene, giving the history, reminding the crowd of how it once was. A man in a suit walks into the arena. He is the last surviving executive officer of the Fortune 500 company that Steve once worked for. This man once earned $1.7 million a year with another $4 million in bonuses. Many in the crowd shake their heads in disgust when they hear those numbers. And now the crowd are on their feet and they are all roaring and they are roaring the name of the games. The camera pans in and the images are sent around the world. Everyone is yelling and they are all yelling the same thing. "Come, hunt a rich man. Come, hunt a rich man. Come hunt a rich man."

The Games begin. Let's watch.

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