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Why I Hate the Woman

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Once upon a time, Lucifer was the most beautiful of all living beings. He lived in heaven and has seen unspeakable things. Of all the images in the heavens and here on earth, your enemy chose your uterus as the image and face of the God he desire to be worshipped as. This is evident that he sees your uterus as the greatest gift that God never gave to him!
He understands the power in producing life; a feat in-which he lacks the equipment and ability to do so. Every time you conceive and give life, he is reminded of his inabilities and lack of this gift. From the first time he laid eyes on you, he's hated you and has always questioned, " What makes her a woman?"
As much as he hates you, until he can figure out how to produce life without you, he will always need you!
He thinks, "It's your equipment?" He wishes he could put your equipment inside him and produce life himself? Above all, your enemy desires to destroy you and is after your mind!
It's a war going on...

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