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The Art of Sound: Creative Tools for Music in the 21st Century

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Reading long, verbose writing is time consuming and assessing the value of what you’re reading today must be done in the shortest time possible. With songwriting and music, making a personal value assessment happens in an instant. The Art of Sound concept is simple: read the way you listen to music. The information presented is easy to read, revealing its perspectives in the way music and poetry do. The writing is succinct and you spend less time reading leaving more for contemplation. Its lateral style lets you choose any section at any point to randomize your reading according to your focus and mood. The objective is to stimulate the thought processes of creativity to engage your own. As an e-Book it’s affordable and kinder to the environment too. The Art of Sound - set your creativity free.

In a changing world, HOW you think is the measure separating the cutting edge from the cutting floor.

The Art of Sound is a creative tool to assist you in identifying the HOW from the WHAT on your journey to personal success in the music business.
With short, easy to read sections including:
• Sonics of Success
• Originality
• Creative Currency
• Brand

This e-Book will help you visualize the creative professional you aspire to be in an ever changing industry.

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