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The Wrong Side

191 pages3 hours


Vick Salerno, sexy nephew to a local gangster, tried to stay on the right side of the law, despite his uncle always trying to pull him into the family business. Fighting to stay legit and make it on his own, he gets detoured when he meets Joey Peters, the hot, young police man who has eyes for him. As Vick’s relationship develops, it’s threatened by his uncle’s illegal activities, which potentially could ruin the police officer’s reputation by being involved romantically. Vick, while going back to school, gets a part time position with the police department, in turn creating greater challenges which may endanger the love blossoming between the two men. The big question is whether their love can survive and overcome the fact that their lives are on opposite sides of right and wrong. Will Vick’s uncle, not easily accepting his nephew’s sexual orientation, throw obstacles in his nephew’s path? Despite having some really strong feelings for each other, being together and enjoying a steamy love life, Vick and Joey are forced to make some difficult decisions.

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