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Banging in Barbosa: Book One of the Wounded Warriors series

37 pages32 minutes


Nolan Gibb, a former Navy SEAL forced into retirement due to an injury, accepts a job from an ex-CO. He needs the money and he needs to feel useful again. His task: find a Senator’s daughter gone missing in Colombia.

Nolan heads to Barbosa, a small town smack in the middle of cocaine country, where Rebecca was last seen. He talks to Rebecca’s coworkers and he searches her room for any hint at her whereabouts. Everywhere he goes, a local girl follows.

Approaching the local girl in the bar, he learns that she spoke with Rebecca and knows what happened to her. Nolan isn’t sure he can trust the girl, but he’s attracted enough to sleep with her. The sex is red hot and it’s almost enough to distract him from the men approaching the room.

Caught with his pants down – literally – Nolan will have to call on his SEAL training to save himself and continue his mission.

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