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Golf - The 'Point of Impact': A Young Man's Guided Journey

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This book is the story of a young man and his guided journey to learning, and through to implementing, the principle that the destination of the golf clubhead is of far more importance than its journey. Guided every step of the way by his mentor, the 'Old Man', whose teachings and approach to golf are as challenging as the game itself, having to deal with his doubts about both his ability and those teachings, the distractions of growing up, the requirements of schoolwork and competition and the realisation of the importance of the mind, it is as much a story of personal development within life's framework as it is about learning to be able to hit a golf ball. It is an account of aspects of life in a mining village, in Scotland in the 1960s, when respect for elders, the rule of law and family values formed a core around which daily life revolved. It is a story of a coming together, an assumption of continuity, of separation and sadness and a desire to say a 'thankyou', the value of which cannot be diminished by time.

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