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The Orb & Prince Asper

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The Orb & Prince Asper (2nd book of series) continues the story of delightful fantasy. It furthers the tale of a boy made parentless. The infant grows up as ward of Trapunto and Nunsin, as told in The Orb & Ward Asper. Lucid dreams tell of his ‘real parents’ in a penal colony. Now anointed Prince Asper, he lurches forward on his ‘teen venture’ as prescribed by custom with his fervent goal: locate his long-interred mother and father.
A year younger than other boys doing a teen venture, Asper insists he travel alone. However, Prince Dullard, a year late in starting and afraid to go alone, begs Asper to travel in disguise, giving Dullard full credit. Priest King Trapunto overrules and the two depart, walking toward the dreaded Penal Valley.
Asper concocts a cover story that he and Dullard represent a wealthy merchant. Kingsman, a fourth-generation Freeman of the Penal Valley, cushions the boys’ arrival and assists them during their visit.
The boys are wandering across the valley when a horned bull attacks Dullard. Driving away the beast, Asper carries him to a farmhouse. Unknown to them, the residents are Asper’s biological parents, the Falconers. They treat Dullard’s wounds and put Asper to work.
Asper discovers a mystical cavern, haunted by supernatural spirits. The High Mogul proclaims the cave as ‘a holy vault’ and rightful property of the Vigilante High Council. At a special service, he rewards Asper. Brazenly, Dullard steals the sacred jewels.
Asper contours his face, appearing as Dullard, and heads for the perilous mountains, intent on escaping by traversing the cruel peaks. As he departs, Mrs. Falconer excitedly discovers a tattoo on Asper’s arm, matching that on her husband’s arm.
The fanciful saga continues. Princess Giddy joins Prince Asper to cross the mountains and visit the Penal Valley. Giddy’s relentless effort to snare Asper as ‘her man’ highlights the book’s surprising conclusion.

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