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The Messiah's Path

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The Messiah’s Path (1st book of series) promises to enrage Christian dogma. For many centuries of Biblical history, the Old Testament has told of those who prophesy the coming of the revered Messiah. Finally, a man arises who deems it his destiny to breathe life into these prophecies. This historic epic features a rabbinical graduate, Nico (known as Nicodemus in the New Testament). The story begins six years before Jesus’ birth and ends just prior to Nico triggering his Immaculate Conception scheme for producing the Jews’ promised Messiah.
Wisely, Nico recruits his future father-in-law, Simeon (see Luke 2:25-35). Together they review the Old Testament and devise a basic plan to invoke the key prophecies during the advent and training of their Messiah Child. From this, they develop a multi-year agenda for birthing and evolving the preordained Messiah. They pull it off, though not exactly as envisioned.
Simeon travels to Bagdad, with Nico as his personal Rabbi. Several Magi of Bagdad (aka: Wise Men) predict three planetary conjunctions, which foretell a king’s birth. Excitedly, Nico envisions birthing the Messiah child as King of the Jews under one of these events, naming them ‘Stars of Bethlehem.’ With the timing resolved, he undertakes to locate a gullible virgin and, through her, spawn the future Messiah.
Needing unique powers to implement this plan, he attends a school of hypnosis in Babylon, and then journeys to the Reed Country, where a witchcraft priestess teaches him exorcism. Finally, he travels to Bactra in Persia, and studies for a year under two teachers: a Hindu guru and a Buddhist monk.
While sitting for endless hours atop a lumbering camel, he resolves that he is charting the path for the Chosen One to follow while preparing to emerge as the promised King of the Jews. He envisions the neophyte messiah also traveling this path to acquire the enlightened awareness needed to deliver the Jewish people from prolonged oppression.

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