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Jillia's Man, Regained

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Jillia’s Man Regained continues the Jillia romance (2nd book of series). After Char and Jillia have lived together for several years, Char exits their wilderness home, intent on finding the ‘promised village.’ He walks away with Jillia’s words vividly alive in his head: “Go find your world, find your purpose in life, plant roots, and gain your fortune. I want this for you! When you have done these things, come back for me.”
Char travels toward the village of Mahama. First attacked by a group of fierce little men, he rebuffs their attack, makes friends, and travels to their village. There a tall socialite lures him; their romance develops. Her homely mother recruits him to install a system to bring fresh water from the river to a pumping station.
However, before the job begins, a freak accident plunges him into the river. Downstream, a woman and husband rescue him, carrying his battered body to their home where she heals him. Bizarrely, her husband moves out, labeling Char as ‘man of the house.’ Her love develops until she becomes pregnant and dies. Dejected, Char departs to seek Samish’s village.
He reaches Mahama and prospers until convicted of consorting with spirits of the dead. His penalty: work in the frigid water, farming kelp. Pursuing an idea to augment the village’s only alcoholic drink, Char returns to the giant tree where he once camped and loads an oxcart with pears for fermenting brandy.
On the way back, he diverts to Jillia’s home site and finds it damaged beyond repair. Sitting alone and despondent, he feels arms wrap his shoulders and hears a soft voice whisper, “Oh god! Sweet Char, crying like a big baby!”
Little does Char know how these words will change his life as he develops the brandy business, becomes the High Priest’s spy, launches Mahama’s first boats in centuries, fights partisan battles with the Pious, engages in a ménage à trois and 

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