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Sustainable Food for the Globe: Everyday People Producing Food in Abundance

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At a time when so many people are full of doubt and questions, it is refreshing to meet everyday people who have come across problems and solved them with rather creative solutions. In this book, stories of everyday people take us all over the world, and brings us all kinds of insight. Meeting kindred spirits along the way, who share their knowledge and passion, they motivates us to find and develop our own inner gems.

You will read about Salma Kamal, and the importance of Kitchen Gardens. And there is Deborah Manning who shares her system of rescuing wasted food, by redistributing it and creating a tasty meals that provide food and humaine substinace to those in need. You will meet everyday people that are empowering themselves, by actively securing healthy food production to nourish not only themselves, but their families and the global community as well. We see how our future pioneers, the children, thrive as active participants within the community and thus paving the way for respect and honorable stewardship of the limited resources given to us by Mother Earth. I hope these stories will bring you happiness and joy and a little inspiration as well. You might even smile and take a few minutes to share your own stories your families and friends. I'll make sure to include as many stories of your stories and bits of wisdom on my blog.

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