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The Voglers of East Blunt: Book #1

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The Voglers of East Blunt (1st book of series) is a historical novel about a fictional teenage boy named Willum. Though the central figure, he is overwhelmed by his stepfather, Dirk Chivers (i.e.: real world pirate of the 17th century) and his storybook mother, Margareth Vogler whose husband is slaughtered in the raid by Tuscarora Indians near New Bern, Carolina in 1711. This saga opens as Willum sees his father murdered and scalped, his mother partially scalped and violently molested. Rob Culliford, a real-world pardoned pirate returns Margareth and Willum to East Blunt Island, but loses his long-loved gay partner during his effort to the Indian’s savagery.
Within days, Dirk and the 3rd ex-pirate partner, Long Ben Avory return. The group flees to Bath Towne, NC and lives for several months, confined in a small log fort with many others. When rescue finally arrives, actual history records these people are starved, diseased and without fuel for warmth. With danger from Indian checked, the East Blunt clan returns home. Margareth marries Dirk who becomes Willum’s stepfather and mentor, regarding the boy as if his own son.
Amid the story’s vibrant characters are Halleloo, a ‘free black’ woman from Jamaica who calls out, “Hallelujah, Sweet Jesus!” for any reason. Her son Leafy spends his days fishing; yet, once married to the ex-slave Cassie who when a child attended an all-white school, he becomes a circuit preacher, recruiting skilled black slaves that the E/B Brethren ‘sell’ to wealthy Yankees.
Mid-story, a teenage woman, Annie Bonny who becomes a real-life pirate arrives with husband and lives with the East Blunt clan for many months. Willum falls deeply in love with her. In finality and years later, fate spins Willum’s life adrift for with an astonishing effort he rescues his long-sought love from a Jamaican prison and her inevitable hanging. After a gleeful return to East Blunt Island, the upshot of his past indiscretions cruelly crushes their romance.

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