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Future Ghosts: A Novel in 82 Cantos

235 pages2 hours


Tucked into the hidden folds of the American Midwest, there’s a town where the dead do not stay that way. On the third day after their deaths, for reasons that no one has yet to figure out, the souls of Great Salt Heron, Ohio return to the family home to live out eternity inside the prison of their daily routines. But when a series of disappearances begin pointing to a long-told legend coming to fruition, ten-year-old Milo is confronted with the a series of choices that could save his father from disappearing forever... as well as a series of betrayals that could upend all their lives—and afterlives—in terrible ways. Future Ghosts is a book about the power of hope, the power of story, and all the ways that our own shared history never lets us go.

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