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Mindfulness for Better Leadership and Business Performance: An Integration of Heart-Ware Into Business Practices

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This study aims to incorporate the positive mindset, or the so-called “Heartware,” into the software and hardware of management. This study proposes a model that crosses the disciplines of neuroscience, physiology, organisational behaviors, and management science. In the nutshell, it stresses the use of mindfulness practices to shift people’s mindsets to achieve better self-management and better relationship with others. This will develop the personal and social competencies of people. When they become leaders, they are able to foster an inclusive environment and to build a committed management team to excel the operations collectively.

The proposed model uses the research findings of each of the related fields to propose a set of principles and practices. Individuals can change their mindset and behavior to become mindfulness leaders through practice. If that happens, they would be capable of fostering an inclusive environment to nurture a committed team. They can then set shared objectives, build a shared culture, and create a set of shared corporate operation systems. With such setting, the mindfulness leader and the committed team will be in the position to excel the organisation collectively.

Mindfulness is a journey that needs commitment, perseverance, and resilience. It is a lifetime journey for individuals who want to be successful and to have a meaningful life.

The mindfulness journey starts with people who practice mindfulness meditation and exercises. This will allow them to be calm, to notice situations with clarity, and to see things in a more objective way. People will then have the ability to assess their own strengths and weaknesses accurately. Consequently, they are more confident and capable of self-management. Regular practices of mindfulness will move people from self-management to self-exploration and to self-actualization. This is the path in the meta-continuum of mindfulness. People will become capable of adopting a “bystander” view

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