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One on the House

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Flat broke at the end of their stay in New York City, Mrs. Feeley, Mrs. Rasmussen, and Miss Tinkham can only make it as far as New Jersey on their voyage back home. When they stop by a local bar for something to lift their spirits, they find it in disrepair and the owner in none too better shape himself. As desperate as they are to make it back to San Diego, it’s just not in their nature to leave the poor guy there. And if they’re going to lend a helping hand, they might as well tidy up, serve a few beers, and see about breathing a little life into the joint—not that it does any harm to have a place to stay until they can find a way to get to the West Coast.
Pull up a stool, crack open a cold one, and crack a smile with the third, uplifting and uproarious title from Mary Lasswell to feature her quick-witted altruists.

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