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Harvest of Fury

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An Arizona dynasty built on hope and courage reaps the tragic harvest of the Civil War in the second volume of a Spur Award–winning Western romance trilogy.

Patrick O’Shea, with the help of the Spanish beauty Socorro and Santiago, the son of a Mexican ranchero and his Apache slave, carved the Rancho del Socorro out of the Arizona wilderness. But when the drums of war rolled west, O’Shea crossed the Great Plains to join the fight against slavery, for he had been a virtual slave, starving in his native Ireland.
With O’Shea gone and Socorro dead from childbirth, Talitha must defend the Rancho del Socorro from vicious raiders and greedy speculators. She longs for the Irishman to return and gaze at her with the same passion she feels for him, but the darkly handsome Marc Revier’s devotion keeps her strong in these difficult times, even if she’s unwilling to admit that the man of her dreams may not be the man she needs.
For O’Shea’s daughter Caterina, true love appears in the form of James, Talitha’s Apache brother. But when he takes up the cause of his people and becomes the mighty warrior Fierro, he must deny his heart’s desire and leave Caterina, never knowing that she carries his child. 
A masterful blend of adventure and romance, Harvest of Fury paints an unforgettable portrait of the brave generation who came of age during a tumultuous and exhilarating chapter in the history of the American Southwest.

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