Truth About Women: How to Attract Women

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Truth About Women: How to Attract Women

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Have you ever wondered why you struggle with women? Or why some guys in clubs go home with hot women while others go home alone?
This book will debunk myths about attraction, and with the use of real world case studies and conversation transcripts, will show you exactly why some men attract women and others do not.
Not only will the book boost your confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness, it will also improve your outlook in regards to attracting women. It will help you improve the way you present yourself, from style and fashion to conversations over text and phone calls.
The book contains chapters on approaching women in bars, clubs, shopping centres, Tinder, Facebook etc with examples of scenarios and ways to open conversation and approach women. All this at your fingertips.
There is also a section to help with anxiety and low mood, we believe nobody should think negative about themselves. This book will help you become more positive about yourself and maximise your potential to attract women ASAP.
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