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Vanguards of a Missionary Uprising: Challenging Christian African-American Students to Lead Missions Mobilization

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Celebrating their vanguard leadership potential, veteran urban missionary Michael V. Fariss challenges Christian African-American students to create a spiritual uprising for international missions. He writes directly to black students who want to know their career assignments from Jesus Christ and follow Him as Lord. This book explains to why and how to begin true discipleship on their campuses that obeys Christ’s Great Commission. To prepare them to lead a racially united movement, the author breaks his silence about intense spiritual warfare facing black students in missions. All Christians may benefit from studying American black-white controversies that demobilize both races of missionaries. The book investigates missions history and present-day structures as they relate to why African Americans do not serve extensively as career missionaries overseas. The author raises expectations for a racially united American missionary force and values diversity as a means to prepare students for cross-cultural international missions.

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