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Dandelions Never Die Book 2 - Four Days: Dandelions Never Die, #2

521 pages7 hours


Twelve-year-old Caroline found a true friend when she found Toby. Even as a young teen, he recognizes the signs of abuse. For a brief moment in time he becomes her knight in shining armor. Caroline begs Toby to keep her secret and he swears he will, but when they are torn apart by circumstances beyond their control he breaks his silence.

Years later, though each have done what they could to pursue their dreams, they find themselves on very different paths. Which is why they are so surprised when they run into each other in the most unlikely of places. They discover that absence can indeed make the heart grow fonder. But it's not smooth sailing. It seems Caroline is not quite finished being abused, and Toby, not finished being that knight.

Vanquishing both old and new demons together, they learn about life, about sacrifice, about survival and eventually learn to believe in love again.

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