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KING DAVID: The Golden Age of Ancient Israel Vol 3: CONQUEST OF JERUSALEM

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In Vol 3, CONQUEST OF JERUSALEM, King David gains 3 thrones and more. Did events lead him, or did David lead events?Popular adaptations play havoc with the terse biblical tale(s). This epic-novel series -- new, fresh, modern, fast -- digs deepest about the man, the life, the loves, the deeds, the timeline. So that we may imagine more than we shall ever know. He conquers the city/province of Jerusalem, ambushes a Philistine mechanized army with ragtag rebels, creates the first durable nation state in Canaan, rules all of Canaan and later the Levant, begins early scrolls we hold dear.Depressed, guilty at rivaling his former love to replace King Saul, he finds the young love he lost in a chance peep. David was a different kind of king. Survivor of endless battles, snared by human passion. He broke with all god kings and their beloved tombs. Surpassing Jacob’s tale, his is a world’s first about romantic love. As heroic nephew Joab becomes a second David, his truest son.

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