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Abby's Scar

Abby's Scar

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Abby's Scar

172 pages
2 hours
Jan 6, 2014


Abby Smith was your average high school tomboy, tall and gruff with a head full of fiery red hair.  So what could trouble such self-reliant young woman?  How about her best friend Cindy who's insistent on her getting a boyfriend?  Yet Abby can't connect with anyone Cindy sets her up with.  Then one day Cindy uncovers the reason.  “Oh, my God!  You're gay!”

For anyone else that would be a problem, but for Abby's family that was completely and utterly unacceptable.  So she'd better be positive.  But how does one know for sure?  You need a test, of course.

Jan 6, 2014

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Abby's Scar - Q.C. Masters




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Damn it, Abby!  Don't you like Wyatt?  You two like all the same things: country music, hiking, Army crap, said Cindy, putting her hands on the hips of her floral dress.  She was all sweet smiles when out, but Abby often got the brunt of her temper behind closed doors.

Abby brushed the fiery red hair from her brown eyes and looked down at Cindy, who was probably half her stature.  He's a sorry excuse for a man!  He's rude, and he's hairy, and he smells like an old gym sock.  He never knows what to say.  The only reason I'm going out with him is for you.  I got no idea why you're complaining!

Because the four of us have been going out for almost a month now.  I'm having a great time with Cody.  And your being a sour puss is going to spoil everything!  Why can't you give a little sugar up for Wyatt?  He's going to dump you, you know!  And Cody is Wyatt's best friend.  If he's not dating you, I'll get dumped for sure.

You don't know that!  Cody really likes you.  He'll stay.

No.  Those two are inseparable.  You better not screw this up!

I don't care!  I'll be glad to be rid of him!

Cindy crossed her arms.  You don't mean that!  She pressed her glossy lips together and squinted her pretty blue eyes.  You're impossible!  I don't know why we're still best friends after the trouble you cause me.  All I want is to go steady.  But my BFF is always single.  No boy is good enough for you.  This one's too fat.  That's one's too skinny.  This one's too stupid.  That one's too hairy.  You're never satisfied!

Abby shrugged, her plentiful freckles lending her an air of innocence.  Sorry I'm so picky.  I haven't found anyone that sparks my interest yet.

"We go to the biggest high school in Fort Worth.  Not one sparks your interest?"

Abby stared blankly at the wall for several moments as she absorbed Cindy's point.  I guess not.

Abby!  Cindy flailed her arms in frustration.  "I don't know what's up with you, but I like boys!  I like them a lot!  And when you're all cold fish, it makes hanging with you a pain.  Why can't you just pick a boy you can date and have some fun?"

I will when I meet one that...


...well, someone I like.

"Gaaawwd, Abby!  You need to figure out who you are!  Well, fine.  If you're not going to date for your own sake, then at least date for mine.  It's Saturday night.  When we see the guys at Rooster's tonight, please, Abby, show Wyatt a good time!"

Abby turned to Cindy and held out a stern finger.  I'm going out with him as a friend.  Gettin' physical, that's a whole nuther thing.  You and Cody better not be lightin' out on me again tonight.

Cindy stared at her a moment dead pan and crossed her arms.  Fine.  You'll have your chaperone.

Swear it?

I swear.

The two girls stood in standoff a minute until Abby finally broke the silence.  Come on.  Let's go downstairs and watch some T.V. until Cody shows up.

Cindy frowned.  Just one thing for me?


Could you just smile for Wyatt tonight?

What are you talking about?

You never smile!  Girls are much prettier when they smile.  You'd look so nice if you smiled.

Abby's response was a grimace.

Cindy sighed and followed her downstairs.


Cindy followed Abby into the family room where they found Abby's father.  The older man was still physically fit and trim, but worn beyond his years with a salt and pepper flat top.

Hey, Dad.

He tipped his head in acknowledgment at the girls' arrival.  Abby sat on the couch with her father, leaving the recliner for Cindy.

It's Saturday.  Aren't you girls going out tonight?

Of course, Dad.  Cody's on his way now.  Should be fifteen or so.


Mr. Smith turned his attention back to the news.

A reporter appeared on the screen, the wind blowing her long, dark hair.  She stood on a bright sun washed tarmac.  "And now a touching local story, Todd.  A tale of two soldiers, Chad and Douglas.  Gay boyfriends in high school, they enlisted in the Army together three and a half years ago.  They applied for special consideration to be stationed together, but as we know, a military at war can make no promises.  Chad was sent to Eastern Afghanistan, Douglas to Iraq.

Despite the dangerous assignments, both survived and kept their relationship vibrant with constant contact.  After Iraq, Douglas was reassigned to the embassy in Indonesia.  Just two months from his end of service he was wounded in the embassy bombing there.  He was hospitalized for burns and injuries to his legs.  Not two weeks later, Chad was shot in the abdomen by a sniper in Afghanistan.

For days it was unclear whether he would survive.  Douglas was unable to travel.  He had intended to propose when they arrived back in the States, but when he heard about Chad's condition, he could wait no longer.  He made this card by hand and had it sent by military courier to Chad's bedside so that it would be there when he regained consciousness."

The screen changed to show a poorly lit image of a card with two hearts on it.  It was badly drawn, and colored as if by crayon.

"Chad woke up after three days to find the card by his bedside.  He claims it had a miraculous effect on his dramatic recovery.  With their difficult stations, they never could get manage to coordinate leave at the same time.  Today those two men are to be reunited for the first time since they left the States in service of their country."

The reporter disappeared and in her place the image of two Army soldiers coming together in a strong embrace filled the screen.

Oh, god! groaned Mr. Smith.  What is the world coming to?  Both girls turned their attention to him, sensing his strong emotions about the subject and keeping very quiet.  It's disgusting!  Don't ask, don't tell was bad enough, but now they're letting them do this out in the open?  Christ!  The whole damned Army is going to become one friggin' love fest!  Jesus!  He swooped his arms and glared at the women as if to say, isn't this obvious to everyone?

Do I really have to explain how badly all this gay crap screws everything up?  I mean, that's why we don't have women fighting alongside men, for crying out loud!  Men don't think straight when women are around.  We don't focus on the job.  We just want to protect the women!  And now the Army is going to be chuck full of these frickin' fags!  It's the same problem!  They're not going to fight like they're supposed to!  They're going to be thinkin' about Mary-Jane in the trench with them, and how they need to protect their rump ranger buddy.  It's just wrong.  No, it's sick.  They need to get these people help, not throw them a party.  Christ.  He waved his hand dismissively at the T.V. and looked away.

Abby peered at Cindy.  She could sense an anger in her.  Her lip furled and it took an obvious effort for her not to squint.

Come on, Cindy.  Cody's about here.  Why don't we wait outside?

She got up and Cindy followed behind.

Be home by one, Abby! her father called.

Yeah, Dad!

Outside in the muggy night air, Abby observed Cindy.  She stood stiffly.

You okay?

It's nothing.

Well, you look fit to be tied.

What's that homophobia crap with your dad?

Oh, don't listen to him.  He's just old fashioned.

Abby, I don't know your take on it, but my cousin is gay, and I love him like my brother.  I can't take it when somebody spouts that shit.  I mean it.

Just ignore him.

You're not buying any of his bullshit, are you?

Abby shrugged.  I don't know.  I never thought about it much.

Cindy leaned toward Abby to make her point.  Well, don't listen to a word of it.  He has no idea what he's talking about.

Abby put up her hands defensively.  Heck, can we just talk about something else?

Cindy scowled at her lack of conviction.  Yeah.

There's Cody.  Abby pointed down the street.

The two girls walked toward the street to greet their driver.


Abby, Cindy, and Cody pushed their way past two cowboys to enter Rooster's Bar and Grill.  Abby peered through the smoke to scan the crowd for their fourth.  Wyatt was coming directly from his shift at the sandwich shop.  She

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