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Bowie Tamatoa is used to flying solo. After an infamous Special Forces career, he’s far more comfortable keeping his emotions under wraps and letting his fists do the talking. But every fortress has a weak spot, and Bowie is no different.

IT genius, Charlie Keswick might be the heart and soul of Macmillan Security, but she’s also the only woman who’s dared to look past Bowie’s beastly façade to the man underneath. So one night when Charlie arrives on Bowie’s doorstep after being chased by government-sponsored assassins, Bowie knows that he’ll do anything to keep her matter how uncomfortable it might make him.

But as the danger around them grows, Bowie and Charlie are forced closer than ever, and Bowie finds himself facing a difficult choice--bare his soul and fight for a future with Charlie, or protect his heart and take his secrets to the grave.

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