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The First One's Free, the Rest You Pay for with Your Life

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New York City sanitation worker Tracey Sneed witnesses a group of men shoot an unarmed man behind a vacant building. Frightened by what she has observed, she tries to keep it to herself, but the DA’s office tracks her down anyway so she can testify against the dirty cops who allegedly committed the murder. Now she is the target of harassing calls and other small attacks, but the final straw is when her house is set on fire while she and her young son are in it.
Angry, she visits the DA’s office to let them know that she will not testify, that it is too much of a risk to her and her child. There, she confronts ADA Ramona “Remy” Martin, a feisty lawyer who is determined to win her case. Sparks fly between the two women, although from different backgrounds and places in their lives. Will this encounter unite the two women or is it only the beginning of the danger and intrigue surrounding the murder case in The First One’s Free?

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