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PAYPAL® E-Mail Access Recovery

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I have been a PayPal® customer for quite some time. I used a well known Internet service for my e-mail and all was well.
Suddenly, I was denied access to my long time e-mail account.
I quickly established a new e-mail account, with another well known Internet service. I had to use a slightly different name, on the new e-mail account, as my previous e-mail name was already in use, probably due to my previous attempts to establish an e-mail account with the new service, due to my author work. I couldn't remember the password for my previous e-mail name and I couldn't get at records of my failed attempt to establish an account with my old name with the new e-mail provider.
Once I got my new e-mail account established, I found out that it didn't work very well. I then found that I needed to switch to a new Internet browser, for my new e-mail account to work well. It wasn't all that much of a problem, since I could continue to use the Internet browser that I was used to and only use the new Internet browser in order to check my email.

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