The Heart's Journey Home: A Layover in Doppelganger-Ville

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The Heart's Journey Home: A Layover in Doppelganger-Ville

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Length: 383 pages5 hours


Picking up where The Heart’s Journey Home: California Blend Summer Vacation leaves off, book two in the series follows seventeen-year-old Tori Logan as she and her best friends, AJ and Kalea, accompany Tori’s archeologist father to Israel.

Adventurous and fiercely independent, Tori leads her friends into an excavated quarry where small rumblings turn into big quakes and the walls start to crumble around them. Kalea and AJ escape, but the site collapses before Tori can get out.

When she comes to, Tori realizes she’s traveled back in time to ancient Jerusalem. There she finds shelter with a widow woman named Judith—who looks exactly like her father’s girlfriend, Rachel.

As Tori encounters others who are spitting images of loved ones back home, she must reconcile truths about herself with the hard realities of her present situation. Will these lessons last once she’s back home? Will she even make it home?
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