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The Forbidden History of Science

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“The problem is not to find the answer, it’s to face the answer.” – Terence McKenna

At school, you are taught “science”. You are not taught the history of science, so you have no idea how science came to be the institution it now is. Above all, you have no idea that science is a vast, rigid system of dogmatism and ideology, an inflexible paradigm, an incomplete and inconsistent set of heuristic fictions, a quasi-religious faith that, on behalf of scientific empiricism, explicitly opposes philosophical and mathematical rationalism.

You are led to believe that science couldn’t have developed in any other way. You are never shown how science was offered numerous chances to evolve in a radically different manner, and how it always rejected those opportunities for ideological rather than “scientific” reasons. You are never taught the secret history of science whereby scientific idealism (based on the mind) could have become the orthodoxy, rather than scientific materialism (based on the body). You are brainwashed to believe that science is the only possible “rational” undertaking to explain the world. But science isn’t rational at all. If it were, it would be mathematics.

In this book, we are going to do something remarkable. We will show you how easily science could have taken an entirely different route from the one it did take.

The heroes of this tale are Immanuel Kant (in his younger, Leibnizian years), and the Jesuit Roger Boscovich. When you reach the end of the book, we want you to seriously ask yourself whether modern science offers a better solution than theirs. Their system embraced mind in its own right (i.e. mind considered as something that does not owe its existence to matter), something that science signally fails to do, and refuses to do.

Why do today’s scientists keep trying – futilely – to explain mind in materialist terms? Why does none of them have the gumption to explore the alternative history of science, which is driven by the mind and the dimensionless? It’s because science is a religion, and its believers are every bit as indoctrinated as those of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.

Read for yourself the astounding rival history of science, and ask yourself why science doesn’t talk about it, and pretends it doesn’t exist at all. For science, it’s the supreme inconvenient truth.

Science is an overt conspiracy against clear, rational, logical, analytic thinking, and has deliberately and ruthlessly suppressed all threats to its dogmatism. It refuses to teach alternative views that would instantly and fatally undermine it. You will soon discover why it’s so terrified of drawing any attention to the secret history of science ... the forbidden history.

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