To Be an Agnostic
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To Be an Agnostic tackles the greatest questions in life from various religious, philosophical and historical perspectives. This is not a book attacking anyone’s beliefs; it is a book about obtaining knowledge wherever it may be and using that knowledge to obtain truth. Here are some of the benefits that will be derived by anyone who reads it:• Learn the agnostic approach to problem solving• Establish solid foundations of knowledge• Explore augmentation techniques • Make better decisions• Widen perspective to new views and definitions• Promote religious tolerance• Scrutinize what is good and what is evilTo be agnostic is to be without knowledge. To be without knowledge means knowledge needs to be obtained. To be an agnostic is to be a philosopher. Philosophy is the love of knowledge and wisdom. Acquiring true knowledge requires impeccable research and thinking, or philosophizing. This book is about knowledge and wisdom; there are countless instances where the absolute truth is unknown and therefore, theories are required. We need theories however, that are recognized for what they are. Simplicity is the essence of truth.
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