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For Her Sins

Length: 428 pages6 hours


At nineteen years old, Callie Byrd knows little when it comes to pain and even less when it comes to pleasure, but Ethan Rhodes plans to change all of that.

Drugged and kidnapped, she awakens in a world where golden carp swim beneath glass floors and naked women huddle inside mirrored cells. She has no idea how she got here. She has no idea what her abductors want. All she knows is that more than just her own life is on the line. If she doesn’t obey, others will be punished. If she doesn’t play Ethan’s game, another will take her place.

One other to be exact.

But even though she knows she doesn’t have a choice, she can’t help but wonder how she’ll ever be able to yield herself to a man who is so clearly a monster. Ethan Rhodes might be handsome. He might even be smart, sophisticated, and charming, but the things he wants from her are just so dark, so wrong. She knows he’s playing with her. She’s nothing but a toy in some game she can’t possibly understand. But though his motives might be obscure, his intent is not.

She’ll be trained. She’ll be tortured. And she’ll be twisted until the innocent, tenderhearted girl she once was is gone.

Ethan Rhodes might claim he doesn’t want to break her, but Callie knows better. She knows he’ll never let her go, not until he’s gotten what he wants and certainly not until he’s made her pay for her sins.

Even if those sins aren’t her own.

WARNING: FOR HER SINS is a dark romance featuring adult themes. It explores kidnapping, captivity, and at times dubious consent. This book is not intended for those uncomfortable with these subjects or anyone under eighteen.

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