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Systematic Inquiry

Length: 123 pages1 hour


Productive inquiry requires good question-asking skills. This book offers a four step process for formulating incisive, powerful questions. Powerful questions are necessary for making decisions as well as drawing conclusions; so, systematic decision inquiry is thoroughly discussed. Examples abound: urban transportation, small business management, teaching critical thinking, sea level rise, and many more. New question formats are introduced: propositional questions, operational questions, propositional decision questions. Systematic inquiry can expand into inquiry analysis which encompasses the broad scope of any inquiry. The nature of inquiry analysis along with extensive examples are provided. The goal of the book is to present systematic inquiry and inquiry analysis skills to readers so they can say 1) "Here are the questions that will have to be answered in order to evaluate this possible answer to this open-ended question." and 2) "Here is the complete set of questions that will need to be answered in order to evaluate all the possible answers to this open-ended question." Anyone in any field that faces uncertainties while coming to conclusions or making decisions will benefit from this book.

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