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Dank Summit

Length: 119 pages1 hour


What happens when the preacher’s wife really gets a dose of the Spirit and takes her husband’s commandment to confess to heart – in the middle of the service? What really goes upstairs at Miss Purdy’s Saloon and Euphemism saloon when Sheriff Matt Dullard goes out of town? Who comes out on top when Arizona Territory is invaded by an all-girls baseball team taking on all comers in high stakes baseball? How does a simple misspelling turn a quiet afternoon at a small country store into the scene of a near riot and a revelation about the nature of small town humanity? And why would things have worked out better if only Gomez had been a girl?
Enter the realm of human folly personified by the citizens of the small Southern town of Dank Summit. Also enter the realms of the Old West, the possible near future, and some places that are beyond understanding in Dan Baldwin’s new short story collection Dank Summit and Other Short Stories.

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