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In Plain Sight

Length: 157 pages2 hours


Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences 18+. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. Ménage – MFM.
In book seven of the Chosen Wars: Dallas Monroe Virace followed Quin to Colorado knowing like the other Enforcers they may have been giving up ever finding their mates by leaving Europe. Dally then watched as his comrades started to find the ones meant to be theirs but for him it had never happened. He didn’t regret his choice then and he didn’t regret his choice now, he just hoped if he was lucky enough to ever come across his mate/mates, they wouldn’t be anything like the ones who his friends received, he had to deal with them enough as the Head Enforcer for the Denver Pack. Fate wouldn’t be that cruel – would it?
Jonas had lived his entire life never being accepted, it’s why he lived in the forest by himself. He knew the Chosen were close to his home but had no desire to be a part of it, crowds annoyed him, mostly because people were scared of his size.
Finley and her family were on the run, they split up to better their odds of not being caught by the humans who now hunted shifters. With just a few miles to go to reach Drake, where the Chosen have set up camp, a mistake on her part cost her, drawing the Hunters near.
The Chosen had worked to protect the paranormal community from the humans and for the first time doubt of whether they will survive, leaving them to realize that one wrong move, could mean their extinction.

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