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The Power of Fasting Revealed

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Why we need to fast continues to be one of the unexplained spiritual concepts and mysteries in the Bible.  Whether divinely ordained or humanly inspired, fasting when employed, transforms the soul and brings light and divine intervention into every crises or situation. 

As God’s workmanship created for good works, He has placed big visions in all of us.  Our Creator’s plan and purpose are to direct each one of us to a higher calling…into a masterful destiny.  From the least to the greatest, His divine power offers us unlimited opportunities and possibilities to attain higher spiritual goals in life that benefit humanity and God’s kingdom.

The truth is, we get the best out of life when we desire something bigger than ourselves.  If you have been nurturing a dream all this time, isn’t it time you stepped out of your dream and lived it out?  How? You may ask.  Nehemiah’s desire and passion to see change in the desolation of Jerusalem made him a leader we all have come to know and admire today.  His passion alone did not get him to the king.  His prayers coupled with fasting set the stage for him to approach the task that he conceived in his heart.

THE POWER OF FASTING REVEALED, will help you discover how to nurture your dreams and fulfill your destiny.  Fasting, prayers, and the study of God’s Word have played significant roles in changing lives and shaping history. The Bible is filled with ordinary men and women like you who changed history by their life’s story…leaving a legacy behind.  Written with the believer in mind.  Michael B. Hyde carefully lays down the Biblical principles behind fasting, why it is increasingly necessary to fast, and the powerful spiritual benefits fasting brings to our lives.

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