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Journey of a Geologist in TATA Steel

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Arvind Prasad was inspired by Jamshedpur and the steel company in 1957, when he came from Hazaribagh. Luck finally brought him to the steel city and he got education in R.D. Tata Higher Secondary School, Jamshedpur. He studied Geology in Tata College, Chaibasa, courtesy Prof. P.S. Gupta and Nandu Babu which was another windfall. He received his Post Graduate degree in Geology obtaining gold medal from Ranchi University in 1972. He served Tata Steel in the Geological Department for 27 years and his long cherished desire was fulfilled. In this long journey, he was helped by many. Life is like a roller-coaster, like an ocean, which has crests and troughs. He was no exception. He worked in Joda, West Bokaro, Jamadoba and Noamundi in the wing of exploration, quality control and beneficiation. In this book, he describes his arduous journey—a mixture of failures and success. Under his supervision, many difficult boreholes were conducted in Jharia Group both from surface and underground. The databank of resources was refreshed. He contributed in the construction of three washeries at West Bokaro and Bhelatand respectively; which are lifeline of Tata Steel today. He interacted closely with doyens of Tata Steel like Dr. Jamshed J. Irani, Mr. Russi Mody, Y.P. Dhawan, which has been narrated in vivid details. He had brief meeting with Mr. J.R.D. Tata and Mr. Ratan Tata also. He is thankful to his mentors Mr C.D. Singh, Principal, R.D. Tata Higher Secondary School, Harihar Singh, Teacher, and Mr. R.S. Subramanian, Superintendent of the Geological Department, who guided him in the ladder of success and in framing the policy of his life. The book is written in memory of his close associate Pesi Tarapore, who left for heavenly abode little early. He also thanked other friends through this book, who shared the experience with him.

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