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All Nude (Jasmin's Tingle No.1)

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Jasmin is barely legal and drawn to the erotic glamour of working in an adult bar. Living in the Philippines, Jasmin hopes to ignite the passion of an older man. Before Jasmin can meet the foreigner of her dreams, she must endure the shame and humiliation of undressing herself. Exposing her virgin and barely legal body to group of interested foreigners, Jasmin begins a journey of sexual discovery.


Laura appeared at the door, looking over the ladies as they sat conversing together. “Sir Richard and Daddy Mark are at the bar,” she announced.

“Yes ma’am,” Josie said as she stood up in professional deference to ma’am Laura.

“Get her ready,” Laura said to Josie and left the office.

“What’s happening now?” Jasmin said standing up from her chair.

“We’re going to meet Sir Richard and Daddy Mark, okay?” Josie explained with an effervescent smile as she walked around the desk and to the office door. “Follow me, please.” Josie escorted Jasmin down the narrow hallway past the dressing rooms to the burgundy velvet curtains leading to the bar area. Josie stopped by the curtain and turned to Jasmin.

“Okay, Rosalyn, “Josie began with a suddenly sympathetic voice. “I need you need to take off all your clothes now,” Josie instructed in a casual voice that belied the unnerving nature of her request.

Jasmin’s smile evaporated from her face at Josie’s unexpected instructions. “I have to do what?” Jasmin asked, swallowing hard with anxiety.

“You need to take off your clothes.” Josie instructed gently. Jasmin stood speechless for a moment, her mind spinning.

“Do you mean it?” Jasmin asked finally in disbelief.

“I’m afraid so.” Josie said in an understanding voice.


“Yes, everything. Even your bra and panties, I’m afraid.”

“But, I’m too shy. I’ve never done something like this. I don’t want too.”

“Yea, I know,” Josie said as she tipped her head and empathized with Jasmin’s feelings like a close girlfriend. “It’s for the owner and the manager. They see all the girls naked when they get hired. It’s okay. It’ll only be for a minute, and I’ll be with you the whole time, I promise, okay sis?” Jasmin said nothing and didn’t move. “I can see you’re very shy about having to do this, but all of the dancers have to do it.”

“So I really have to do this? Jasmin pleaded in a small voice.

“Yes, I’m afraid so, if you want to work here.” Josie affirmed with a gentle assertive. “I’m sorry to make you do it, but I have to.”

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