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Angela Booth's Easy-Write Process: Write The EASY Way, Like a Professional Writer

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If you've ever dreaded writing, or felt that writing was too hard, you'll love the Easy-Write Process.

The Easy-Write Process changed my life; I developed it over several years of struggling with writing.

I studied creativity and mind states. I learned to meditate. I forced myself to write despite the discomfort.

I found methods and strategies which worked for me, and later, I tried them out on my students. The strategies worked for them, too.

This wasn't an overnight process. My Easy-Write "cure" for writing stress and trauma crept up on me. One day I wondered where the fear had gone... I was amazed. It was GONE; not a trace remained. 

Writing had turned into a constant joy. Instead of cowering in bed when I awoke, dreading the start of another writing day, I leaped out of bed, eager to get to the keyboard. I was happier in everything I did, and everyone around me was happier too.

Along with the joy, came the money. I had to turn clients away. Editors rang me to discuss new projects. Clients put me on retainer.

When I taught the Easy-Write process to my writing students, they achieved great results too. Please enjoy the Easy-Write Process -- I wish you much success with it.

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