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Forbidden Fruit (Jasmin’s Tingle No.8)

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Intent on an older man taking her virginity, Jasmin finds Punta Bunga the ideal place. Barely legal and filled with lust for Andy, Jasmin is soon submissively sating his desires. Losing her innocence though to a handsome foreigner brings with it an unexpected challenge. Andy must soon leave the Philippines, challenging their romantic passion.


Jasmin poured another amount of the rich oil into her palm, and then fearlessly spread it over Andy’s proud erection, enthusiastically massaging his firm manhood with long, steady, strokes over his entire length while gazing deeply into his hungry eyes. Andy groaned with pleasure and succumbed to his Filipina lover’s loving caress. Under his patient direction, she adoringly stroked her lover with a growing sense of confidence as she saw his unmistakable gratification with her sensual manipulations upon him. Andy appeared to be on the verge of a climax when he suddenly pulled her hand from his erection as he seethed with ecstasy.

“Stop,” he said heavily. “I want to save it for you.” She grasped his member again, and this time slid him into her mouth, bathing his soft head with her moist tongue. “I’m going to come,” Andy exclaimed, as he pulled her head from his erection. “I want to save it for your pussy".

Jasmin surrendered her body to him as he rolled her over; instinctively raising her knees and let them fall to the sides. Andy looked adoringly upon her exposed femininity, and picked up the bottle of coconut oil. He poured some coconut oil onto the wispy, black fleece of her naked pubis, and watched intently as the brown oil trickled slowly over the narrow, virgin crevice of her bare cunt and lowered his head between her outspread legs, putting his opened mouth upon her waiting pubis, sending waves of sensual ecstasy through Jasmin’s inflamed body with the touch of his moist tongue. Jasmin came much more easily than she had the day before, her body feeling shattered by the sweet ecstasy of her erotic climax.

Then as she lay in her intoxicated state of euphoria, feeling the gentle warmth and brightness of the late morning sun upon her face, Andy lifted her up in his strong arms and carried her down to the ocean. She felt secure with her vulnerable, naked body wrapped in the strength of his firm arms. He waded into the water until it was up past his waist, then with masterful control of Jasmin’s body in his powerful but gentle arms, he positioned her so she wrapped her legs around his solid torso, the soft crevice of her behind resting atop of his hardened manhood.

“I can feel it,” she said with a loving smile, as she allowed her body to slide down against his erection so it pressed between her spread buttocks. The sensation she experience was indescribably erotic.

“Do you want me to go into you here?” he asked her. Jasmin moaned with pleasure, pressing her buttocks against his erection, softly kissing his glistening, wet shoulder. “It’s more comfortable for you in the water.”

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