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The Noosphere

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The Noosphere is a "thinking atmosphere" that has been evolving on Earth since the dawn of humanity. The internet is a physical manifestation of it: a worldwide linked network; a global information exchange between people. But what comes next? Does mind detach itself from bodies? Can the collective consciousness of humanity leave Earth and soar off into the heavens on the most amazing of all cosmic journeys? Is the Noosphere a Soul Sphere, composed of the souls of all good, enlightened, moral, rational human beings, and leaving behind the souls of all the greedy, selfish, hateful monsters and psychopaths who have ruled our world? Imagine the Soul Sphere merging, finally, with the "God Sphere" and establishing a Society of the Divine. Is that the ultimate destiny of higher humanity?

The Noosphere will not be powered by faith, prayers or superstition; ontological mathematics and hyperreason will be its engine.

This is the story of the highest human thought, and how it's leaving behind materialism and the sensory domain and realizing the truth of existence - that we ultimately inhabit an immortal, indestructible mental Singularity outside space and time and that the illusion of materialism is generated mathematically via holography. The universe is a self-generating, intelligent, living hologram, comprised of infinite souls (Leibnizian monads).

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