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Traps of Love

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Sir Algernoon pays a visit to the Love Sick Witch who had once tried to transform him into a rooster, as she wanted a husband in a cage.
"What a surprise, my handsome lord, fancy you paying me a visit."
The witch pulls up the ladle from the cauldron where a concoction is bubbling, and hurls it straight at the visitor in defence, fearing an attack from his sword.
"How is your business going, Which? I suppose evil potions and spells sell well."
"Have you come to buy a little wicked something from your Witch? I thought I had left you a happy man and now I find you a sad one. Whatever happened?"
“ I kissed a young lady”
“Aren't you the lucky one?"
“And now we're married.”
“How romantic.”
A tear of sulfuric acid falls into the cauldron. She is still in love with Sir Algernoon, and unfortunately her love was not reciprocated. To hide her feelings and emotions, she throws a bunch of toxic herbs into the cauldron and starts to stir. Overcome by such strong feelings, she even boils the cat. The viscous evil liquid shakes desperately, but the unaware witch welcomes her infamous recipe.
"My lord, will you please explain to me the reason for your visit? Aren't, you just the smallest bit angry with me because of that teeny weeny little trick when I tried to transform you into a rooster?"
"Actually, I was just passing by here by chance and thought I'd drop by to give you a dozen snakes. I suspect in your line of work such ingredients are always useful."
"You may lay your snakes on the table. Is that all?"
"Witch, I need you to transform my wife into a chicken!"
She explains that unfortunately this magic trick isn't possible for lack of some ingredients, and she adds:
"I have never heard of such a ridiculous request. A gentleman who wants to transform his pretty young wife into a chicken. I'm really sorry, but I cannot transform your wife into something else. This magic is not granted. Whoever has married this woman will forever be her husband. Are you not blessed and happy in your mansion?”
"Swinetail, black ass witch, not even a hungry mangy crow would like you."
"Are you trying to provoke me, so I will turn your lady into a chick? I told you, it is not possible, not by my hands. Bytheway have you seen my cat?"
"I'm sick of being in that palace with her. Her mother always visiting us, the ceremonies, the parties and everything else. My life is ruined. To tell you the truth, I am in love with a shepherdess"
The Witch pretends to be grieving, but now she is jealous of that shepherdess and smiles to herself, in only the way a witch could. What is she plotting?
"Pull up a stool and come and tell everything to your Witch.

Sharing a Cab

Aunt Martha takes something out the oilcloth black bag that she holds between her legs and smiles to the girl.
" Here you are, it is a boiled corn cob. We brought it from home."

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