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It is 2003. George Bush has just appeared aboard a Navy carrier flashing a “Mission Accomplished” banner. In England, a Wicca coven warns British Intelligence of a prophecy to assassinate a future U.S. president. It is to be carried out by Ramses, the son of the anti-Christ. British MI-5 notifies the CIA. The CIA enlists the Hawaii Attorney General because Ramses was last known to be in Hawaii. Hawaii authorities discover that there is more to the prophecy besides a potential assassination. If the assassination is carried out, it will lead to the start of Armageddon. To prevent the fulfillment of the prophecy, Ramses must be reunited with the anti-Christ in ancient Babylon, now modern day Iraq. The Bible believing Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii sees this as another piece of evidence of the approaching ‘End Times.’ He recruits Honolulu narcotics detective Jake Cohen-Garcia, a former Navy SEAL. Jake is the ideal anti-Christ bounty hunter because of his born-again Christian reputation, and his unique Jewish-Hispanic DNA. Jake’s DNA heritage matches up perfectly with links connected to the Wicca prophecy. Jake is teamed up with two investigators and a certified exorcist priest. They form a unique investigative unit: “The God Squad.” The squad’s mission is to locate Ramses and short-circuit the prophecy of Armageddon. The mission takes the squad into the bizarre world of the occult and quantum mechanics that challenges their faith, their strength, and their sanity. The battles with the paranormal compound Cohen-Garcia’s struggle with his personal demons and split personality. It threatens to destroy his faith, along with his family, as it propels him towards his own destruction. In the end, Jake’s salvation comes from an up-close and personal confrontation with Ramses, a holy man from another world. The salvation of the world hangs in the balance.
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ISBN: 9781450082938
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