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Corporate Repentance: And Producing It

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Corporate repentance: needed so much on earth, but so hard to get. We can easily see a great need for many nations and churches to repent in order to get healthy and stay healthy. If we have taken this need seriously, then most likely we have already found that real progress seems disappointingly hard or impossible. We can be greatly encouraged by seeing in the Bible that God plans to transform huge groups of people through His believers in Jesus: whole localities, lands, nations, and people groups. We can also see that this repentance begins with a great repentance of His people in these groups. Producing corporate repentance causes special problems that God wants to solve through His children learning to work with Him, with each other, and with His better ways of living in Christ Jesus. The repentance of both His people in a huge group and the whole huge group goes far beyond what we have seen up to now.

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